How do I change my Fonts keyboard’s background?

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Fonts includes a lot of colorful backgrounds and themes to personalize your keyboard—and many more are yet to come! 

To unlock all of the keyboard backgrounds you see available on the app, you need to have an active subscription. By subscribing, you can use the app without limits. This includes changing the theme of your keyboard to fit your own unique personality.

Once you’ve subscribed and activated your keyboard, there are two methods of changing your keyboard’s background:

Method one

  1. Open the Fonts app
  2. Select your background from the first screen that appears

Method two

  1. Select the text field in your chosen app
  2. Long-press 🌐 in the bottom-left corner of your keyboard
  3. Select Fonts
  4. Tap Icon-Themes.png in the top-right corner of your keyboard
  5. Select the background from the screen that appears

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